Thursday, September 23, 2010


For once in a long long time I've touched Dota again and goodness I suck. BIG TIME. Was asked to a lan party at a friend's place and I've gotta say I played really poorly. Well, that's what you get when you don't practice.

Speaking of games, it's really weird that all the love for gaming is starting to reappear and it doesn't help when one of your friends just bought and Xbox 360!! I have an untouched Halo 3 cd in my cupboard and I intend to finish it by next week.

My neck hurts now from playing too long with all that stress building up to my shoulders. Bleh.. think I'll turn in soon.

Friday, September 17, 2010


It's times like these at 2.30am in the morning with a freezing weather outside you just don't feel like taking a bath. Why didn't I take a bath earlier you say? Well let's just say my bathing patterns are not the only things that have changed since the spring decided to go awol and winter weather has graced us again with chilly winds and dropping temperatures.

I used to hear stories when I was a kid of how you don't have to take a bath in winter because its SOOOOO cold. Well it's pretty true. The cold is a very strong deterrent to the notion of taking a bath. Sleeping with a little stickiness seems so inviting than the thought of stripping down bare and braving the cold to the bathroom, AND BACK!! Or it could just be plain laziness. Lazy to take a bath. Yes the cold here does something to your brain and induces you to make poor decisions. How'd you think I'd procrastinate taking a bath till 2.30 in the morning?

On another note, sleeping time has been fluctuating. Sometimes, bed time is before 12am. On other occasions, its at 3am in the morning. A comforting fact to know that lectures are recorded, hence the availability to wake up at 12pm or later. I've found out that I can sleep in cycles of a few hours at intervals of the day.

The math is simple; I have a total of about 9 to 10 sleep hours in a day. The catch is that I would sleep at 6am, wake up at 9am, do some stuffs till about lunch time, hit the sack at about 2pm and wake again at maybe 7pm and have dinner and you get the idea. Cool? SO NOT!! I feel like I've wasted the day sleeping. Well, this is Hobart and you only get to do something when the sun is up. After dark its pretty much a date with the laptop.

Okay, enough rambling for now. My hair is crying out for a bath. Oh the cold!!