Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Break and More

It's been a bad exam. Repeating the same thing twice probably proves the point. And of course there's the whole, "It's ok Josh. I'm sure you did better then you thought you did." The truth of the matter is that there are times you know you're really dead. And this exam so happens to be one of those times. I screwed up a major paper and I already know I'll have to take it again next year. The results aren't out but I just know it. Not to mention, this is the first time in my life where I've gone into an exam and cam out not even confident of passing ONE paper. NOT EVEN ONE. What's worse is that I actually tried to study. I prepared all my notes in advance, listened to all the lectures and even read the freakin' text book. But it appears that all that effort wasn't enough. It's all over for now but I know that I'll be needing to face them again in the future. On the bright side, at least I'm a little bit more prepared for the next round.

It's been a real test of character for me I suppose. I'm usually optimistic about exams and stuff, not really caring whether I do awesomely well. Just enough to get by and pass. But with all the effort put in prior, my world just crumbled at the fact that I have to repeat the same subject again next year. It's just such an overwhelming feeling of gloom and despair that I couldn't help but wallow in self pity for a good few hours. I must mention that Clarice has been a God sent to just be there. Guess that's why I love her so much. I didn't make it easy for her in my period of 'grieving' so to speak. But she stuck through and I am grateful for that.

What was pretty amazing to me was the fact that my mom wasn't furious at all when I told her that I failed one paper already. What's more is that she sent me an email saying that there's more to life than pursuing a degree. I didn't pick up the phone when she called twice. I simply wasn't ready to face the music but apparently, there is no music to face, not even a sound to a symphony of anger and fury. I thank God for that and for such understanding (if I can call it that) parents to whom are still going to fund my extra semester.

There's just so many lessons to be learnt, so much moulding of character, and a strengthening of bonds because of this bad exam experience. I really am caught in a dilemma here; whether to be thankful for this blessing in disguise or to just wish that I had gone through no problem. The fact is that it's all past now and there's no other way to go except forward. Things are looking up. I've got a job teaching a kid how to play guitar and a trip to Melbourne with some friends. It's not the end of the world, just that it took a step back than what I thought it would be.

Humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you at the proper time, casting all your anxiety on Him,because He cares for you.

I Peter 5:6-7

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


It's been a bad exam :(

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

First Paper

Corporations Law down.

Monday, June 7, 2010

gotta keep a positive mindset. be optimistic Josh like you always are.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Best

You're the best la :)

happy 6th


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Some Free Time

I have found some free time on my hands so I'd best use this time to update my horrible excuse of a blog. Well, I've pretty much got my notes done ready. I've purposely left out some minor touch-ups to be done just prior to the exams. I find that it helps to get my head in gear for the subject if I start out with some sort of work instead of trying to dive straight in memorising the subject matter. As a matter of fact, there's only one subject that requires a sick amount of memorisation which is Trusts. The rest are all open book and I've kind off prepared for the exam sheets for the rest. Currently preparing for Family Law, and speaking of which, there's something awfully dreary about preparing notes for Family. I'm praying really hard that all the popular areas come out for the exams for ALL the papers. **prays hard. PRAY WITH ME!! :P**

Have been living a very sad lifestyle. No surprise there. It IS exams time. Btw, some random information for you guys. Study week here is called SWOTVAC which is an acronym for Study week With Out Teaching Vacation. Right, back to sad lifestyle. Meal times are erratic and what I eat depends on whether I missed meal time because I tend to nap past dinner time. Sleeping patterns times are after 5am. Last Thursday I didn't sleep till 9am. Woke up at 12pm. Pretty crappy lifestyle indeed. But what to do, gotta work hard to pass your exams. Really thank God for sustaining me thus far and I'm sure He's going to see me through this like usual. The only difference this time is that I want to score. Passing is not an option. For once in a long time, I've decided to work my butt off for an exam. The last time was SPM which paid off quite well.

Okay..random posting ends here.

there's definitely more to life than this, it's just the exam period