Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Week 1

Summer school is over and now I have the next best thing, MY FINAL YEAR!! Well, I have a really good feeling this year and for this semester. I feel that I've finally gotten the drift of things here and am looking forward to the semester. Perhaps this uplifting of spirit is an overflow from the summer course, which I think I did well.

The only thing I have to look out for is Evidence, which requires a lot of work. I've already had tutorials in the first week and usually tutorials don't even start till week 3! OMG!! Well, it's a good head start. The timetable this semester is pretty nicely spread out with a nice break on Wednesday. Not too taxing and leaves ample time to read up for Evidence.

It's just two days into the semester and I will probably find myself posting how I hate the semester soon. Lol. Ah well... Godspeed to everyone.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

It's That Time of the Month Again!!

NO, it has absolutely nothing to do with the bio-workings of girls.

What it HAS got to do is with this one girl, a very special girl. Someone whom I have promised to try to my very best, to love and care for. Someone whom I'd want to go out for lunch with. Someone whom I'd want to walk aimlessly around malls with. Someone whom I'd like to go see movies with. I think you've got the idea :)

Just a little fyi, that's what I told her when I first asked her to be that my girlfriend. The opening lines if you may call it that. Hahaha... Well Clarice Chan, it's been exactly 14 months now and I've had no regrets choosing you and it is my wish to keep you right next to me :) We've had our ups and downs but it has only resulted in me appreciating you and loving you more.

Better not be writing too long or this blog will fall into a love mush pit :P

Happy 14th months dear!!
I love you!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Nature's Calling

I'm talking about me taking a dump. OF COURSE it's going to be disgusting!!


If there is one thing that I absolutely hate, it's having your sleep disturbed because you need to take a shit. I've been a little sleep deprived today because my body had to go sit on the porcelain throne. To make matters worse, I had to wake up twice to take a shit. To put things into a little bit more perspective, it wasn't the kind of 10 minute speed dump (A quick visual example, imagine ice cream oozing out of McDs ice cream machine. Yeah, I probably may have just spoiled ice cream for you) I had to sit on a cold toilet seat for about 30minutes (for both instances), with diarrhoea like shit literally blowing out of my ass. For those of you who have experienced diarrhoea, you know it ain't pretty. It was almost, if not actually, just really really watery like water, with little shit bits mixed in it. Nasty stuff.

This was the delayed result of I think, bad food that I had at a restaurant on Saturday night. I experienced some tummy ache after the dinner blaming it to be that I ate too much. I wasn't feeling very good the next morning but the rumblings in my tummy sort of eased off into the afternoon. I don't know about most of you, but for me, taking a shit needs to be done at the right time. There's a sort of timing that goes into it.

I thank God for this blessing in disguise as my tummy was looking rather bloated than usual, but actually it was just all that gas that has been accumulating up in there. Well the tummy's doing way better now than before. I feel like there's one more go at it then it'll all be business as usual :)