Thursday, July 29, 2010

Taking Charge

Ok I haven't been going to classes. But the thing is that it's all recorded. Now, the problem is that I have not been catching up despite I do have a lot of free time on my hands. It's getting pretty hectic now. Tutes have started and assignments due dates are out. Oh boy.. it sure seems like another repeat of last semester. It's time to stop catching up to work but take charge instead. Yes, taking charge starts today.

Of course that's after I finish my lunch.

Saturday, July 17, 2010


Can't believe I forgot to put up a thank you post for the next most awesome person ever, Clarice Chan, for being there for me when I needed a hug, moral support, my room cleaned and my water bottle refilled :P

Love you loads!!


A Good Good Night

I know this blog hasn't been updated much. Haven't really thought much of putting anything down lately. But here's something worth putting down; the 2010 OCF Convention Fundraising Dinner, which I must say went extremely well. THANK YOU GOD!! :)

Have been planning the programme and performances for the dinner for about a month now I think and it has all paid off even though we had to cut down the number of people attending.

On another note, Clarice, myself and some friends got together to perform for the dinner at it went reasonably well. I said reasonably because I've got a sore throat. Everyone's been getting sick lately. I'm guessing it's the cold. Winter ma. Anyways, had a friend to beatbox which was pretty darn awesome!! Albeit the sore throat, I could sing reasonably well. Heard the replay from one of my friend's camera. Sounded like I was out of breath and I sang quite softly. Not the best but you've got to do with what you've got. Thank God for helping us keep together.

Top the night off with good food, excellent company and a hilarious comedy performance by Jeremy Bay, it was a good good night. Not to forget about the Singapore army talk. Found out that there are some pretty lethal guys in OCF. NO JOKE! You've got a guy whose trained to shoot planes down. Another is trained in chemical warfare. Put a trigger happy medic, a recon guy and a GI in the mix and you've got yourself a pretty well rounded team. Good thing I'm on good terms with all of them :P

It was good playing in a band again. Twas a good night.

Friday, July 2, 2010

The Trip

I have three words about the Melbourne trip:


Honestly, it felt oh soooo good to be back in a city where buildings are more than 5 storeys tall. The people, the buildings, the malls, the cars, the city atmosphere. I've missed it all. You know you've been away from 'proper' civilisation when you start going goo-goo-ga-ga over every tall building you see and the amount of people there are on the streets.

One of the first few things you notice when you're walking around Melbourne city is that everyone and I mean EVERYONE is soooo fashionable. People just dress so well there. Another thing, is that it's full of Asian people. It's good to be back to a place where I feel somewhat home away form home in a sense that there is a sizeable number of Asian people walking the streets which makes it feel kind off like back home. And STARBUCKS!! It's soooo nice to see that green mermaid again.

You realise what you've been missing out when you're in Melbourne. The shopping was fantastic. I bought 12 items which consisted of:
a) 7 t-shirts
b) 1 shirt
c) 1 pair of jeans
d) 1 pair of boardshorts
e) 2 hoodies. One for me and another for Clarice
f) 2 tops. I call them tops because I have no idea what they are.

The cash-ualty count, $410. Not too bad though out of the 8 of us who went on the trip, I took the title of biggest spender.

Planned on going to a famous club in Melbourne called Seven (7) or something like that. Unfortunately, one of our buddies didn't bring his ID so it was a no go. There was this pretty neat roof top bar that had a very nice view of the city. Went in to check the place out while the guys tried to convince the security guard to let our ID-less friend in. The bright side, we're planning to come back again after the 2nd semester for another round :P And this time ALL with IDs.

Summary of the trip:

1) Love the shopping malls. Chadstone you rock!!! Felt soooo alive after that.

2) Love the food. Roast pork, duck and chicken was too good. Also had teh ais. YAY!!

3) Love the people. Very very pretty girls everywhere. Just an observation.

4) Love Melbourne loads.