Saturday, January 22, 2011

20 Reasons Why Singapore Is Great

Yes, it isn't 50 reasons. That was just an exaggeration due to my Singapore happy high. Instead, here's the 20 reasons why Singapore is great:

1. The public phones are free.

2. There is such a thing called a taxi co-ordinator.

3. The taxis in Singapore are really new. Not like in Malaysia where it's mostly old proton Sagas.

4. The driving school mainly use a Toyota Vios to train drivers. Waaaayyyyy better than using your little Kancil car.

5. You don't see any small cars like Kancil or Kenari on the road.

6. The toll system is superb. It works the same way as the Smart Tag does just that you don't have to slow down for it to scan. It just works soooo well.

7. . The ticket's you use for parking are colour coordinated and different colours have different values. Eg: Orange is worth 50 cents and purple is worth 1 dollar. So, if you need to park for an hour which costs 1 dollar, you can either put two orange tickets, or one purple one.

8. The same tagging thing for tolls can be used to charge for parking in HDB flats or other parking areas where it doesn't require a ticket.

9. They have very nice bak kut teh. Although it's very peppery, like I said, it is a good alternative to the herbal ones.

10. I can just leave my things in the car and don't have to worry about it getting stolen because people there are just so well paid that they don't resort to that. Hahahaha....

11. The train system there is great. Just like the Tube in London, most of it are underground. So you don't have to share space.

12. There's plenty of shopping malls. TOO many actually.

13. The primary schools here are huge and very nicely designed.

14. The secondary schools are even bigger!!

15. I like the bak chor mee. BUT BUT, kolok mee is still the best :)

16. Shopping is pretty convenient as most of the major shopping malls are located on the same street.

17. They have a 4 floor Forever 21!! How crazy is that?

18. The cling wrap at the airport is green in colour. IT'S GREEN!! Who wraps bags in green cling wrap? :P

19. The musical stuffs sold in Singapore are wayyyy cheaper than other places.

20. I have friends from Singapore who are willing to wake up at 7am to pick me up from the airport and take me out the whole day even though they are super sleepy.

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