Monday, January 24, 2011


Had my first pre-session class today on Biotechnology. The point of the class was to introduce the basic terminology used in Biotechnology. Boy was it a killer. I did law because I had enough with the sciences and that is why I get off with miscalculation of numbers :P

I'm comforted by the fact that I won't have to be dealing with the science but much rather the law in regulating the technology created by the science. I must say it was a pretty interesting 3 hours to see what we have achieved and the possibilities.

I'm reminded of the episode on Family Guy where Peter (the dad) ate 40 hamburgers and got a stroke which resulted in his right portion of his body being paralysed. He then went to a stem cell research clinic and he was all better again. What's really cool is that in theory, that's really possible. The problem's that the human body is way too complex and lotsa other science stuff in the way. I was just intrigued by the possibility of it.

Well the good news is that tomorrow's the law stuff and class proper so should be relatively smooth sailing from here on out. I'm just worried about the assignments. keeping my fingers cross that there are not too many terms involved!!

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