Saturday, January 22, 2011

Lion-pore Pt 2: The Malaysia Dilemma

I don't know whether it's because I'm so pro opposition (but I dislike the government no the country) or that I have very little Malaysian pride, I really love Singapore. I always told people that Malaysia was a great country, just that the government wasn't so great. The idea behind this saying was it is because of such governance that places like Murni's in ss2, PJ has managed to occupy the whole street as their mamak place and not get caught by the authorities. Or to be able to pee in public places as long as you're not caught. Or to eat chewing gum!!

Now, after a brief day trip visit to Singapore, this is my new saying. "Malaysia is a great country, but Singapore is even greater!" Yes my friends, it is this bloggers opinion that Singapore is indeed greater. The reason behind this being that it has almost everything that Malaysia has, as fas as I'm concerned la, and a better and more transparent govenrment. A very prime example on Singapore's good governance is how they've handle their finances. A small ass country with no natural resources has managed to hold a higher currency than Malaysia and almost rivals Australia. The paradigm shift here is the result of an unveiling of once overlooked things. Things like how the police officers are paid very well, hence less tendency for corruption. Or how ministers are paid very well, hence less likely for corruption. Or how the schools alumni really give back into their schools, knowing how important education is (maybe cuz they're just so freakin' kiasu. You decide).

Don't get me wrong. I am not putting Malaysia down. As I have said, it is a great country. My point is that it is possible for Malaysia to be even greater than it can be right now. There is just sooooo much room for improvement. What's stopping us? The government. And please get me right here. I am dissing the government. Of course, in every country, there is a form of government. And these are made up from people, human beings that were elected by the other people, human beings. So let's all be realistic here. Human beings aren't perfect so naturally not every government is perfect. While that is a valid and certain truth, the problem with Malaysia is that the government is too close to imperfection. Corruption is so blatant and widespread that even a screwdriver can cost RM500. Here's another thought. Why do you think we don't have super resorts like Sentosa beach or the Sands in Singapore? It's because it'll just cost too much!! Everyone here wants to stick their hand in as many cookie jars as they can, all trying to get the biggest cookie. Also, there are very lame rules in Sarawak on how buildings cannot be taller than buildings that the Chief Minister has built or owns.

It is sad to see that the government does not want to change and after 50 years, where has it left us? Very well behind Singapore. I really have lost a little bit of my Malaysian pride and I now fully understand why they are people who want out. I suppose this is a good wake up call to what my dad is trying to do in politics. Now, after finding out that Singapore has everything that Malaysia offers and much much more, the future of me staying in Malaysia is getting bleaker. I suppose this could just be a 'happy high' one feels after oooh-ing and aaah-ing, and may have clouded my judgments. Regardless, if there is a hope for change, then I guess I'm staying :)


Eli James said...

Wait, you mean you were in Singapore and you didn't contact me?!


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